Keys cut on site

Linacre Locksmiths can cut extra keys on site for locks we have just installed or replaced, which is convenient as it saves you the hassle of getting keys cut elsewhere only to usually get home to find they do not work well

Give Linacre Locksmiths a call on 01603 408528 (or 07977 576655) 

Linacre Locksmiths can copy keys covering all the major lock manufacturers, from Yale type locks, to patio door locks and mortice locks. Plus keys for many other lock types too!

If you have a key needing copying, and it has a make and number stamped on it  then why not contact us first to see if we can match it. 

Linacre Locksmiths can cut duplicate keys from an existing one, or, in some cases, make you a new key from scratch if you do not have the original. We also recommend that you have a spare set made just in case... 

Lock Re-keying - In the event of stolen keys, we strongly recommend that you have your locks re-keyed. This will ensure that your old keys will not be used to access your home, or business. However if the lock is old, worn or not up to insurance standards, we recommend you replace them anyway.

We can re-key new or existing locks to either adapt a new lock to existing keys or to change an old lock to use new keys. We recommend that you have a spare set of keys cut at the same time.